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A snowy Calico Pizza in the early days (

Calico, built in 1905, was originally erected as a church serving the Mormon homestead community that settled and thrived along Mormon Row just north of the town of Jackson. Sixty-one years later, two partners purchased and moved the then abandoned church to Teton Village Road, naming it Calico Pizza after a California ghost town. Changing ownership in 1995, proprietor Jeff Davies rebuilt and remodeled the old building while preserving the original church structure.  Jeff remodeled the interior and added a wood burning stove and pizza oven in 2013 – thus creating today’s Calico Restaurant and Bar. Another ownership change occurred in 2022, in which three Calico employees (some past, one present) purchased the business from Jeff.

Thanks to the foresight of all owners and employees since 1966, Calico remains an important part of Jackson Hole history.


As you walk towards the Calico restaurant, its surroundings will instantly take you to another place. We have one and 1/2 acres of lawn and gardens.  


Beautiful, sweet smelling flowers border the walkways below the very popular outdoor deck. From the deck, customers have a relaxing, panoramic view of the gardens, the Teton Mountains, and the open lawn where kids are often playing, (instead of finishing their food). Large plants and flowers are hung around the deck’s canopy, separating the conversations of each table. 


Inside, guests are seated below a raised ceiling woven together with large wooden beams. The Italian design in the spacious main dining room creates a relaxed atmosphere. From any seat in the room, you have a clear view of the open kitchen, where the chefs are busy preparing meals. The northern section of the restaurant is the bar, separated from the dining room by three large stained glass windows. Reminding us of the original use of the building, the new stained glass windows were created by a local artist to represent western life and good food. Inside the friendly bar, countless snapshots adorn the walls of past guests and events.


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